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The Work

Two of LIFT's Core Beliefs are:

  1. Community development requires ownership by residents and other stakeholders – from vision to implementation to benefiting from the transformation.
  2. Community development requires a commitment to community/grassroots organizing.

LIFT utilizes what we call a “Do With Model” where we seek to empower residents through capacity building efforts that lead to their self-sustainability and self-determination. 

LIFT supports existing social service programs that build human-capacity by providing assistance for their operations. Additionally, LIFT identifies gaps in services, and then works to fill those gaps with proven agencies that can address the individual needs of the neighborhood residents. 


Bridges out of Poverty

Community LIFT follows the Bridges out of Poverty Model, which examines the sources and impact of generational poverty on families and communities. In accordance with this model, LIFT seeks to address generational poverty at the community level through human capacity building and community outreach.