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Target Neighborhoods

Binghampton & Highland Heights

Binghampton is named after Bingham Street. It is bordered by the CSX railroad in the North, Holmes Street in the East, Poplar Avenue in the south, and East Parkway North and North Trezevant Street in the west.

Frayser is bordered by I-240 to the South, Illinois Central Railroad to the East, and Thomas Street, I-55, Watkins, Mario Street and Benjestown to the east.

Upper South Memphis
Upper South Memphis is bordered by Bellevue and I-240 to the east, Vance, E.H. Crump and Danny Thomas to the North, Jack Carley and I-55 to the West, and South Parkway East, Grimes, Person, and Kerr to the south.


How our neighborhoods were selected

Community LIFT utilized GMN's Strategic Framework for Prioritizing Investments, which enabled LIFT to score and evaluate the positive aspects of communities.  This tool identifies opportunities and recognizes areas in need of improvement.  The data driven and asset based assessment tool was completed as a method of identifying LIFT's initial priority communities.  

LIFT has selected the initial three communities for the first three years- Greater Binghampton, Frayser and Upper South Memphis.  At the end of three years (2014), new areas can qualify to become a LIFT Community. This will create a rolling calendar so that each new priority community becomes the focus of an intensive effort. The three initial priority areas will be expanded to include other neighborhoods over time with the utilization of GMN's Strategic Framework for Prioritizing Investments.  

The goal is to focus investment on a limited number of neighborhoods.  By targeting resources, the ability to maximize investment and achieve real improvement is increased.    


City Wide Efforts

LIFT's economic development affiliate, River City Capital, operates a redevelopment loan fund that is accessible to community development organizations and charter schools across Memphis. Additionally, LIFT is currently developing incentives that will be available to distressed neighborhoods in Memphis.