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Unsung Hero Keeps Frayser Beautiful

The beauty of Frayser is etched in the mind of longtime resident Christine Grandberry.

“I’ll get in my wheelchair and go down the street and pick up all the trash, just because I love my neighborhood,” said Grandberry, 68.

“I have spent my own money to get some of these yards cut, just to keep the neighborhood looking nice, and I’m on a fixed income.”

Grandberry has called Frayser home for 20-plus years. Getting in involved is a way of life for her, whether its the Frayser Neighborhood Council, the Frayser Exchange Club, the Rangeline Neighborhood Association or in some other area of Memphis.

“She’s been here so long, and she knows just about everybody,” said the Rev. Charlie Caswell of Union Grove Baptist Church. “She’s connected on every level whether it’s residents or politicians or stakeholders. If you need to know how to get in touch with somebody, she’s a key person to reach out to.”

His “play mom,” said Caswell, is “very bold in her approach to let people know that she’s very concerned and very determined to keep her community clean and safe... she’s passionate about what she does.”

Underlying that passion is Grandberry’s rejection of the notion that “It ain’t my house’” and her embrace of the principle that “It’s your neighborhood.”

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