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Neighborhood Planning

Community Visioning

Community visioning is a planning process that encourages visionary, yet strategic thinking about physical and social improvements to a specific area. A vision for Memphis Neighborhoods was developed based on insights from interviews and visioning sessions with stakeholders.  The vision is to plan for and deliver “Greater Memphis Neighborhoods” based on grassroots involvement on the community level, meaning residents, business owners, faith-based organizations, school leaders, etc.  It was proposed that Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) CDCS and other community development groups can help realize this vision through acting on a series of goals, grouped by the following five themes.

  • Building Better Relationships within the community, or, between local and city leaders
  • Improving Economic and Residential Vitality
  • Improving Quality of Life
  • Developing Neighborhood Plans
  • Improving Capacity of the CDC Industry

For the full guide, click here: A Citizen's Guide To Planning In Memphis