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LIFT Initiatives

As an intermediary, Community LIFT seeks local and national funding to help revitalize targeted communities. LIFT directs grant funds towards creating and maintaining infrastructure for sustainable and livable communities.  Community LIFT has received the following awards:


As a result of recommendations of the Greater Memphis Neighborhoods, River City Capital was established to operate a redevelopment loan fund and to drive economic development activities at the neighborhood level.

River City Capital requested technical assistance (TA) so that it can achieve CDFI certification in 2014. The TA requested here will provide the additional funds necessary to ensure that RCC’s staff is well-trained. The TA will provide salary support and consulting services to perform the organizations audit.


Uplift Grants

As a result of LIFT's funding partnership with Regions Bank, The Community LIFT Uplift Grant program accepts requests for $500 or less to support community action through small-scale projects in LIFT Communities. Uplift Grants support placed-based grassroots community activities that promote neighborhood pride, healthier living, sustainability, educational exposure, and community peace and unity.  The grants are intended to help stimulate creative thinking that empowers stakeholders with ownership in revitalizing their communities. 


Memphis Music Magnet

The Memphis Music Magnet promotes neighborhood revitalization through physical and cultural renovation, infusing and sustaining creativity in Memphis, and creating a catalyst for development and growth in Soulsville USA. In short, Memphis Music Magnet is a music-centered approach to revitalizing a community.                       

Memphis Slim’s Collaboratory
A revitalization effort to transform the vacant Memphis Slim house into a music center that serves community artists and provides a studio for training, video casting, oral history labs and more.

Symphony Soul Project
A yearlong project sponsored by MMM that provides a series of free concerts in Soulsville USA.

ArtPlace provided funding to implement elements of the Memphis Music Magnet’s plan to create neighborhood-level change in Soulsville USA. The plan aims to develop a year of music programming for the neighborhood, create Memphis Slim’s Collaboratory, and being predevelopment of a musician focused residential community.


Building Neighborhood Capacity Program

Center for the Study of Social Policy – Awarded the Building Neighborhood Capacity Grant in which the cities selected receive financial support and technical assistance to help develop an efficient neighborhood revitalization plan. Memphis was one of the four cities selected including Flint, Michigan, Fresno, California and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Broadband in Soulsville

An aggressive plan to incentivize business and community development by providing free broadband wireless access in the Soulsville community. Broadband in Soulsville is being funded by a generous grant from the Delta Regional Authority. Awarded the Community Digital Advantage Program to improve the Soulsville community by establishing a community Wi-Fi network for residents and neighborhood businesses.


Economic Development Coalition

The Surdna Foundation provided funding to establish the framework for connecting resource-poor core city neighborhoods to local, regional, and state economic strategies designed to retain and/or attract business.