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LIFT Frayser Initiatives

Frayser Town Center Based on Manhattan Park

August 05, 2014
The town center plan for Frayser that debuted this past weekend at the first annual “Frayser Day” celebration is built on the model of Bryant Park in Manhattan only on a smaller scale to fit the Frayser... read more
Initiative: Neighborhood Capacity

Collaboration Changes the Future of Frayser

June 27, 2014
The community of Frayser, just north of Memphis proper and across a wide alluvial plain from the Mississippi River, began as a suburban town built around a railroad depot. It was annexed by Memphis in 1958, and industry, in the... read more
Initiative: Neighborhood Capacity

Frayser Setting Goals for Improvement

February 12, 2014
A group trying to revitalize the Frayser neighborhood gave its halfway report today and held a community reception afterwards. Click here to watch the video and read the full story at
Initiative: Neighborhood Capacity

Community LIFT Seeks New VISTA

August 30, 2013
Do you know anyone that wants to make a difference in Memphis for one year.  Revitalize neighborhoods, serve the people in them, gain great community development experience, be exposed to the inner workings of Memphis'... read more
Initiative: Neighborhood Capacity

Strengthening Economic Development in the Core City

March 03, 2013
Recently, an economic development coalition was convened by Mayor AC Wharton, on behalf of LIFT, in an on-going effort to drive economic stability within the city. The initiative is meant to engage agencies that provide... read more
Initiative: Econ Dev Coalition

BNCP Cross-Site Meeting

August 03, 2012
Representatives from both the Binghampton and Frayser communities along a Greater Memphis Partnership member and a LIFT team member attended a cross-site meeting in Washington D.C. from January 28th-30th... read more
Initiative: Neighborhood Capacity