– 1.3 c mashed banana (3 large) plus .7 c Greek yogurt There’s something about baking that is very comforting. I drizzled the butterscotch and sprinkled them with walnuts. This is a great alternative to a more traditional sponge cake. I bought a case cause baking seems to be the thing to do lately. I made these crepes this weekend. 7 bananas was the magic number. Applesauce could theoretically work, but I don’t think it would impart enough flavor to be worthwhile. I love you and your recipe extravagance! Yesss congrats something awesome came out of this year!! I mashed them directly into the large bowl after whisking the fat and sugar. It did spill a little over the sides but it was no problem. I used frozen bananas, thawed slightled, peeled, and drained off the excess liquid, and used sparkling sugar on top. I used Cup 4 Cup gf flour. And adding banana to the crepe batter? You impress me over and over again! I will let you know how it compares/turns out – making muffins so I can have some with walnuts, some without. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Welllllll, OK, maybe I’ll give this one a try but meanwhile please DO NOT remove the recipe for jacked up BB which I positively swoon over, K? Did you use a convection setting? Thank you Deb for providing all of us with great recipes which are easy to follow and turn out great; it’s helping to make this tough/sad time a bit better. This sounds fantastic! I used 5 bananas and was nervous to put all of the batter in the loaf pan so I made 4 muffins on the side. Stay well. Thank you Deb for this great recipe! How on earth did you manage to take out such a flawlessly gorgeous slice? Should I try more aggressive whisking next time? Don’t you think the judge would understand?? Hi Ryan — I do that sometimes, but these crepes, with their banana content, are softer and didn’t take a liking to the technique. Bake banana bread for 55 to 65 minutes. Hello! Does anyone have it? Loved smelling it as it was baking. I too feel you needed it since you have the absolute best pumpkin bread recipe! I hate to be that person but…any substitute for raw sugar? That’s the one to use. How many cups of walnuts can I add to this? You could also make the whole thing the day before. If I need it for a Saturday night I can make the crepes Thursday, the cream Friday and sauce & assemble for dinner Saturday. I’m tempted to try again, but increased the baking powder and potentially also the flour a bit. I didn’t even get to take a photo of it bc it smelled so delish that the family couldn’t even wait for it to cool before digging in! Halved it to make two mini loafs. But it does taste good, but possibly too wet for me. Banana bread is such a go-to for me. I wouldn’t be experimenting right now and end up with a dud and throwing away food. 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Do you think I could do it as muffins? Ha! This isn’t even close to the first time over all these years I’ve had that sort of kismet with you/your site. Have not made crepes in years and now I will have to do this. How to Make Smitten Kitchen’s Banana Bread Mix three to four ripe smashed bananas with melted salted butter in a large bowl. But over the last few weeks of, well, not doing a whole lot else, I can’t help but notice that we’ve all been making a whole lot of banana bread. Did it get tall and rise over the brim of the pan? Hi Teresa — Actually, if your nonstick is a champ, you do not. I’m just seeing your question now. Assembly was easier than I thought. I needed six(!) I have no words for the deliciousness that this recipe is! I have never commented on one of these recipes but I have to say…as I was mashing bananas for this recipe, my 17 year old daughter said to me, “Mom, why is everyone making banana bread right now (yours was my second recipe since being homebound)?” I told her I thought we all just had a lot of bananas in our freezers just waiting to be used, and now was as good a time as any. Love your cookbook and your site. thekitchn.com/best-egg-substitutes-baking-23003895%3famp=1. Thank you, Deb. I made your mushroom crepe cake awhile ago. Now this is a birthday cake! Oh, yeah. They reheat well. I’m sure whichever you make will be delicious and so appreciated! But this morning, it still wasn’t working so I started asking around on Twitter. I just made your amazing jacked-up banana bread on Sunday and decided to improvise and give it the zucchini bread crispy lid treatment because… yum. Thank you!!! Bananas and pears are pretty different, flavor and texture wise. . I hope that the book tour, part II is going well and that you are having a blast!!! I LOVED the sugary crust. There is something about a million thin layers of sweet goodness that makes you just want some RIGHT NOW. Also for the triscuits laugh. I baked it in my oversized Emile Henry loaf pan so no danger of overflow. Banana Wonder Does Smitten Kitchen Mom's Apple Cake adapted from Smitten Kitchen (makes one loaf) 4 granny smith apples 1 tablespoon cinnamon 3 tablespoons sugar 1 cup spelt flour 1/2 cup AP flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup blood orange juice 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs I didn’t realize until I was filling the cake and saw some strange flecks in the filling that my mom had gotten some zatar in the lebne. It was delicious! Yours, however, belongs on the cover of Southern Living. But that’s me. Banana crepes are brilliant! Family and Friends. Thank you for this recipe. This banana bread roll is filled with a cream cheese frosting and it is delicious. Chloe X Dec 30, 2019 - For absolutely no reasons other than I Wanted It and It Sounded Good and Also I Had Two Sad Bananas and Didn’t Want To Make Banana Bread, earlier this fall I … holy cow! THANK YOU :). 4 very large bananas (understandably damaged along the grocery delivery route beyond repair for eating whole, but excellent for baking with) worked perfectly for me. This is the best banana bread I’ve ever made, thank you! It was always a great pick-me-up for all of us when she would make banana bread, and it’s still a big comfort food for me today. It looks beautiful, and the banana on top, is a sweet, soft bite. Whoops. Just kind of dense and almost wet. You could always make plain crepes and use the same spices, filling and topping. I prepped most of the ingredients last night, ready to make the cake this morning, and realised as I was about to put it in the oven that I hadn’t remembered to weigh how much mashed banana I had! I do not have raw sugar on hand – can I do a mix of brown and granulated for the topping? i do not have a scale to weigh bananas. This is, hands down, the best banana bread I’ve tried. Especially yummy slathered with salted almond butter. Dec 17, 2020 - smittenkitchen.com recipe index. Can this be made ahead and frozen? I’ve seen everyone baking banana bread lately and I really want to give it a go. Ripe. Mine were frozen naners and a bit of a mixture of types, so it was great to have the measurement in actual cups and not # of bananas. Any combination of very ripe and overripe-and-thawed-from-the-freezer works. I’ll give it a try this week-end. What an amazing idea. I do not like cream cheese fillings (but I made this for someone that does and loved it) it is similar to an icing for a carrot cake or red velvet cake, but way less sweet, more tangy. Thanks and all the best to you Deb. Can never have enough recipes for banana bread. I made this banana bread as soon as it was posted – perfect timing, had 5 ripe bananas all ready Has anyone tried adding chopped strawberries to this? Did not use any sugar; I added pecans because I had them on hand, and love the added texture. I was going to make the hazelnut layer cake from your cookbook, but wanted to ask a question! Thanks for another great banana bread recipe! You are a crazy girl, and I am totally drooling over your photos of this! Not carried away, perfect! I really loved the texture of this bread. Thank you, Deb, for understanding that what we need more of right now are baked goods and one-bowl recipes. It just came out of my oven & I don’t know if I can wait until tomorrow to try it! He is even bringing me home bananas as a subtle hint it’s time for another loaf with pecans of course! Ooh I’d love to make these. Very key here is the size of your loaf pan because this will fill out every speck of it before it is done. Dear SK, Could you add a printer function soon? Four years ago: Sesame Soba and Ribboned Omelet Salad and Apricot Hazelnut Brown Butter Hamantaschen Fantastic! better. This one, though, is lovely. And thank you! Oh, I didn’t add nutmeg because I didn’t have. I have been waiting for an announcement (maybe you made it, but I missed it) for the official pre-order/ordering of your book. I can’t wait to actually taste it! Is that a personal preference, or does it have something to do with the baking? I made this last night with 3 overly ripe bananas but since it was slightly less than 2 cups and the recipe insists on 2 heaping cups, I added 1/2 cup canola oil, reduced the flour by 1/2 cup, and threw in chopped walnuts because I like chopped walnuts. Perfect go-to cake for when you want to make a cake ahead of time or don’t want to turn on the oven. i had to comment on this because this looks ridiculous: cue water in mouth just mentally reliving the moment i saw the first image. The only way to get ripe bananas for banana bread is to buy 2 bunches for the week…which I just might have to do! These are seriously gorgeous! Sprinkle the top of the batter with the raw sugar; it will seem like a lot but will bake up beautifully. Nine years ago: Spaetzle Thank you for bringing this superb and dangerously easy bread into our lives. Thanks so much! It’s so delicious! 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, Walnut butterscotch topping * Please note additional appendices of Banana Tarte Tatin in The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and Banana Bread Roll in Smitten Kitchen Every Day. Then I tried doing the Earth Balance along with flax eggs to make it totally cholesterol-free, and it still came out great! I made the bread exactly as you said. And if you can bear it, you should wait until tomorrow to cut into it. I made this last night into 12 muffins and cooked for 25mins. It makes a taller, prettier loaf, and it’s truly all purpose. I had a bunch of bananas getting too ripe for my kids liking so I came here to get the recipe for the jacked up banana bread. Where has this been all my life? This is the ultimate and worthy of using the last of my eggs and flour, which are hard to come by these days. We sliced into it, after 1 hour. I honestly just made my first one of these with chocolate last month! Also is this why you have been holding out on the chocolate croissant recipe?! It is done when a toothpick or skewer inserted into the bread is batter-free — be sure to check the upper third as well, near the rim of the pan; that’s where I’d find the unbaked pockets of batter hanging out. Browned butter with melted sugar could be a secret ingredient! I actually scrubbed my oven two days ago! wow, that looks unbelievable. I think I’d use plain crepes last time. One year ago: Essential French Onion Soup Do you (we) have a release/ preorder date?? Btw love the blog and can’t wait for the book! :). Required fields are marked *. Agree with the title – this is THE ultimate banana bread! You’re right. While extremely tasty, mine was sadly a bit on the dry side. I’m drooling at the thought of the first bite. I’ll try it and I’ll let you know! :-). Adapted from Smitten Kitchen who adapted it from Nancy McDermott’s Southern Cakes, which attributes it to one Cornelia Walker. I love when you post over-the-top recipes that you dreamed up yourself. It was exactly the adventure we had been searching for; we prepared this cake for two days before digging in on day three. Thank you, and I am so making this. I added some pecans. BUT – Deb, my stacking was really wobbly. I think we are going to start baking all the cookies in your cookbooks, in order; we started this once before but life got in the way. Thanks for an easy baking project for quarantine. I slice a banana open and press it along the top, it is visible, but pressed into the dough, sprinkled with the sugar. I’ll definitely make it again! I only have whole wheat flour…. I have been waiting for zucchini and pumpkin breads to get a banana sibling recipe! I think it’ll also turn nice with some apricots or pears…. I don’t press hard, I don’t scrape (neither will be necessary because it’s not really stuck to the pan, since it’s nonstick) and there’s not a mark on mine after several years. Then, we made open sandwiches by toasting a slice of this wonderful banana bread and cheese, then topped it with the onions. Toasted mine with peanut butter. I also love cream cheese frosting with any “fruity” cakes. girl, this looks amazing! You have lots of brilliant rolled up in that head of yours… well done and thanks for sharing your talent. It’s light and moist, and the crunchy lid takes it over the top. Most excellent! BTW, can’t wait for your book! You’d only need to adjust the cook time. The filling is delicious — tangy, sweet, rich — and the banana flavor came through just enough that you could really discern each component. fantastic … I can’t wait to try this! I mention that it must hold 6 cups and no less, and that the first time you make it, it’s safest to put a pan underneath, even though it’s never overflowed in my 6-cup pan. Plain, old “normal” banana bread will never do from now on… :-). You gave me the solution to my problem… stack crepes with a heavenly filling in between, just perfect! I only had 3 bananas :((. Sur la Table: 4.5 X 8.5. I used A LOT of butter since it helped them slide out of the pan, but then I patted the crepes dry of butter with paper towels after. Thanks, it looks delicious! I may be odd, but I really can’t stand any chunks in banana bread. So I just finished making this beauty, and I think I’m in love. Hi Elina — Good catch! Glad it was a hit. My pan was a bit small, so I made two muffins also. Thanks! Thank you so much for your work. Cheers, Jacueline. Made this! http://www.oxo.com/p-610-large-nylon-flexible-turner.aspx, Made this yesterday for a dinner party and filled the crepe layers with — wait for it — NUTELLA. I did it successfully and with a flour substitution too. That’s what I love about this recipe. The craggly, crispy top is to die for. I can’t find any flour in the store right now, so I am rationing the AP flour. : ), So banana bundt (Turks do love their bundts) is in the oven, I’m sipping a basil ayran while I wait…because the Turkish coffee will come later, with the cake…and I’m sending my very best to all from Turkey. They also sound perfect for breakfast tomorrow! If one were to add chocolate chips to this, would you reduce the sugar? Thanks for sharing. Aug 19, 2015 - stop pretending anything else is going to do. The banana bread is moist, very flavourful, and it has the perfect texture – not heavy or spongey! It turned waay too liquidy and made the filling run everywhere. I think adding some strawberries or coconut would be phenomenal. 2 tablespoons (25 grams) light brown sugar Do you know why? And did a white sugar coat top (like the rasp buttermilk cake) until I realized I had turbinado sugar and then threw some on top anyways. The first time I made this, my husband said that it’s the best banana bread he’s ever had. Something for everyone – from simple to not quite so, but looks amazingly delish. Being from Chile where everything is manjar (dulce de leche) my husband requested this cake but filled with manjar….I’ll give it a try and let you know. Made this today! Thanks!! TLDR: this was fantastic, just like the zucchini and pumpkin versions. BUT….apparently with all the crap i did today, i also googled the pinterest troubles and they are having a whole boatload of problems. Hi Deb. We’ve been doing a lot of baking lately (along with what seems like the rest of the country) and the first 2 banana breads I made fell short. This is our third banana bread in the past 10 days, and I think it is our favorite recipe so far. I’ve been experimenting with banana bread recipes, like many others, while spending all this time at home. I will make another one tomorrow and clear out the frozen banana stockpile :). Wow, I’ve made many loaves of banana bread but this definitely stands out as one of the best! Thanks! I’m wondering – if I wanted to add old fashioned oats to this – how much would you recommend/would it effect the recipe otherwise? The substitutions for the butterscotch would have been too drastic, so we boiled some condensed milk cans to make dulce de leche instead (easiest thing in the world! Sea level kitchen. I reduced the baking powder and baking soda to 3/4 tsp each, and reduced the sugar by 2 TBSP. What size was your pan? Can you send a slice over? I’ve not commented on your site before but I thought I should thank you for all the cooking inspiration I’ve gotten from your recipes. My new go to. My fingers are crossed over here! Hi! Crepes are soft and crumb-free. It took about an hour, rising into a beautiful loaf of separable, weirdly shaped “cube-cakes”. Like some other commenters, my mashed bananas weighed too little even after I got up to 2.5c, so I decided to split the difference and stop there. Because you cannot buy a net weight of bananas from a store and it always annoys me if a recipe says, like, “3 ounces of peeled, cored apples in chunks” as if one might know offhand what a peel and core weighs and account for this when shopping. Have you tried theirs and how would this compare in texture? You can fill the muffin tins quite a bit. Hope you are all staying well and safe. But I have a question. Love, love, love you and your amazing recipes. Seriously, my parents whom I often try to impress via baking remarked it tasted /professionally made/. I literally made your jacked up banana bread this morning! https://www.chloepryce.com/. I’m thinking 1/2 cup. Sorry, Deb! Reminds me of a Hungarian cake! Love the idea of a crepe cake. A search for a lasagna I could love became a Mount Everest of a Lasagna Bolognese; a hankering for a great game-day snack became a mash-up of Welsh rarebit and pull-apart rye bread; and a hunt for a quiche that could serve a crowd became a 4 1/2 year vendetta until I triumphed over those 137 square inches of buttery flaky shell. Brown sugar was sold out today. But the crunchy oozed part tasted delicious so I’m still looking forward to it. This recipe is now my go-to banana bread recipe. Do you think it would be a good idea to change the yogurt filling for whipped cream and the butterscotchtopping for dulce de leche? Other crepe pans — Although I’m very happy with the one I have, I’ve been very tempted by this blue steel one. Which will be soon! We didn’t want to overcook, but I’d love the secret for cooking it all the way through! I have not frozen crepes before, but given the significance of the occasion and the amount of lead time you have, I definitely think it would be worth making a mini-batch of plain crepes and freezing them for a week or so to see how they taste/feel/look when the defrost. – substitute 2 eggs with 2 “flax eggs.” Mix 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds with 6 tablespoons of warm water and stir. I discovered while making crepes that a plastic rice scoop, the kind that comes free with your electric rice cooker, is perfect for flipping crepes without tearing. I like that it really blends the banana in completely and makes for a smoother mix. So I’ve set aside this saturday to drink sangria and make this cake all day. If the top gets too brown, lightly tent with foil. 6 WW Points+ for 1/16th of 9″ cake. Plus I had to flip the par-cooked crepe from on hot pan, over onto another hot pan, because flipping it with a spatula was impossible. My family absolutely loves this recipe :), Deb, don’t you usually up the flour amount to 2 1/2 cups when you make big quick breads? Made this the other day with some added pecans and coconut sugar on top. It is a commentary on your excellent and always amusing writing that even if I have no plans to make the recipe (like this time), I will always read through to the end of your posts. This is insanely amazing! Although it did overflow a bit in my 8 1/2″ pan, I found it to be delicious… and the baked, sugar-crusted pieces that overflowed onto the cookie sheet were crispy and wonderful appetizers before diving into the bread itself! This is just as delicious as you said it would be! That looks BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, I can’t imagine ever being able to get my crepes to stack that beautifully ever – BRAVO! Thanks for giving me a new idea for this October! Or mini muffins? My daughter loved them and everyone else in the family did, too! I’m being slightly crazy and making it for a dinner Friday night, but I can’t stay home all day and make it that day! All you need is a sharp knife. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is the dessert to make an impression on company! I often feel like banana breads are short on banana flavor, but this recipe was still delicious with less banana—though I suspect it would be even better with the full two cups. . Thank you! It will freeze well but it won’t have as crisp of a top once defrosted. I also used half white whole wheat flour, half unbleached all-purpose flour, and I added 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger to the spices to give it a pumpkin-pie flavor. Lovely recipe. Perfect quarantine comfort food! Made this with only one substitution: added ricotta because didn’t have enough bananas too make 680G. I made this last week. I haven’t looked back since. Other than my errors this recipe deserves a double gold star. Great job, Deb. I use Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer in nearly all of my baking for my egg-allergic daughter- works great most of the time! I only had white whole wheat flour and 4 bananas but it still turned out great. Fill it almost to the top, as you will the loaf pan. this looks amazing and i am going to have to try it. It won’t overcook, just get dark. See more ideas about smitten kitchen, food, recipes. I woke up today thinking “It’s a banana bread day”! that may work better as true cupcakes: 4 whole bananas and a bit more than 1 banana that was frozen chunks I partially thawed. A keeper for sure. Ditto vanilla extract, so I added 1 tsp of bourbon instead. Thought mine was done, but lo and behold! Anyone call it the “Teaspoon Banana Bread” in their heads? :). I love crepes but because they are so thin, they don’t satisfy my glutton. And of course lard was used instead of butter. These are always the first things I look at. I am so excited. Thank you so much. No, the batter was about an inch below the top when I put it in the oven. No problem. And re-butter for each crepe? Also, I’m training with SportMe running app, and I managed to get rid of some pounds. Thanks. Make the crepes in the morning and let them cool. I went a little over on the amount of mashed banana so as not to waste any; next time I’ll stick to the measurements and lessen the sugar a bit, as the fruit is pretty sweet on its own. See more ideas about smitten kitchen, dessert recipes, just desserts. Whoa — you’ve got me worried now! I have tried to stack Nutella crepes in the past and found it achingly sweet, and too intense to eat. It’s fine today but it’s excellent tomorrow. I.e. As always, I look to you for my weekly foodie fix. Agreed that best way to store it is by wrapping only the sides. Subbed 1/3 whole wheat flour for the white, used pumpkin pie spice instead of cinnamon (it’s all I had), and added a heaping cup of chocolate chips. oooh, this looks naughty! :). All the ingredients taste great in their parts. All the favourites that I have baked and baked over and over again because they are just that good. If you have any other ideas for a baby friendly topping etc please let me know! I was disappointed as the bread had a strong baking soda aftertaste. I wouldn’t change a thing about the crepe recipe. Danielle — The cake should keep just fine in the fridge, for even two days. Thank you Deb for posting yet another one. This recipe makes about 24 muffins (I could probably have stretched it to 32 if I made them a bit smaller). and b) there was a cover to reveal. It turned out delicious – the best banana bread I’ve made. All we can say is: muchas gracias. Perfect timing! I’ve also adapted it into two great variations! You and my new non-stick pans (Swiss Diamond or something like that – I decided to never buy a new non-stick pan again and just bought the most expensive ones at the store – I would have paid double for these things – they completely rule). Most muffins bake for between 20 and 25 minutes, so I’d check in around then. I have to copy and paste and then fix it so it prints out on a sheet of paper. I am not GF, but the texture is divine with quick breads. I love the layers! I also got into the habit of using an immersion blender to mix the banana, butter, and sugar. Most recipes seem to call for 3 and I simply increase the bananas without increasing the other ingredients and it has always worked out. The texture is fluffy and tender. what are your thoughts on this?? Thanks! You can go a step further, maybe even turning them into banana blintzes, filled with lightly sweetened farmers cheese, and browning them in a pan. I can’t wait to make more. Gawd. I added chocolate chips because I have been baking either your double chocolate or marbled banana bread every week since COVID-19 locked me in my apartment and I think a chocolate withdrawal at this point would be unwise… I heart anything with bananas. You’re going to need to take a risk, that is to fill an exactly 6-cup (9×5-inch) loaf pan nearly to the brim and watch as the banana bread climbs to and even a little over it while it bakes. After a particularly rough evening of “morning” (i wish) sickness last night, I woke up starving and somehow got it together to make this banana bread. This bread is awesome, gotta try it! And it let me use my offset spatula that I’ve owned for 3 years yet never used. Use them. 6 bananas, up from 5 Each element of the recipe was yummy on it’s own, but together made something like I’ve never tasted before! Sending you best wishes that you all stay safe and sane over there! :). I made a mash-up of this recipe and the marble banana bread recipe. Got this in my email and decided to make it for lunch dessert. ;). Cannot wait! Next up, marbled BB! Add 3/4 cup granulated sugar and 3/4 cup packed light or dark brown sugar to the bowl of butter. A blog featuring Eating. We decided to make 12 (generous) muffins, baked for 20-25 minutes. I am making it this weekend for my daughter’s BD. I find it still takes about an hour even with convection. The only thing we did differently was to use thawed bananas that were previously frozen. The cake was beautiful and delicious. Hi Jillian — What size were your crepes? Good grief! Can I add some? It keeps for five days at room temperature, possibly a week in the fridge, but it vanishes in two to three days, max, so you, like us, might never find out. Thank you! Can’t wait to make this one, talk about impressive! Love your idea of layering in banana slices too, I will def try that. per deb’s reply to somebody else with the same question: That’s how delicious this sounds. I don’t know!! :))))))). . Eek!!! I have found my banana bread recipe for life. Made this last week and at first did not like it as much as your Jacked Up Banana Bread (without the Jack). Cheers! I turn out the loaf onto my cutting board whenever I cut a slice, and then pop the loaf back into the pan with the foil for storage. I think this cake would also go really well with a coffee/espresso component. Just a friendly suggestion! Bonnie: Yes, you can use your frozen bananas successfully in this recipe. ;). I literally started screaming when I got to the butterscotch part–I startled my cat. Because I was making this for kids for breakfast, I decided not to do the topping. I made this crepe cake for my friend’s b-day and it was a huge hit. i usually make a recipe straight the first time, but in this case about one “banana” was actually two small steamed sweet potatoes i had in the fridge. I don’t know if I made my crepes thicker or not – hard to tell from the picture. I made this over the weekend and it worked great! I’ve made the crepes before as directed and they were great! Thanks for another great recipe. Awesome! I expected to adore all of them, but got kind of overwhelmed when I saw them up close. Why didn’t you tell us??? sheesh. It was such a big hit. Second time I’ve made this. I only had four smallish bananas (roughly 1.5 cups of banana), so I substituted unsweetened apple sauce for the rest. I’ve seen crepe cakes before and I’ve always thought they were tedious, but this looks too good not to try :). Allergies in our house! I’m sure neither substitution is an improvement over the original, but it came out perfectly baked. Keep up the wonderful website! I’ve made this 4 times since it’s been published and it’s perfect every time. I can imagine these crepes might even become as beloved as the Jacked Up Banana Bread that is a household staple for us. Cut slices in a medium bowl and whisk in brown sugar right now some! I also did not rise much at all, so I ’ m a cooking genius might never it... So * incredibly beautiful short about 130g ), loved it but they didn ’ t hold a candle this... Had four smallish bananas ( 4 did not initially see your comment about the very brown top like. Before, wrap them in Russian supermarkets last month m wearing today: - ) whole seeds... One slice the prettiest part of a loaf and they were good birthday cake really love banana coffee... Saw this recipe to the batter, so excited to see that book when it comes.... Is soft held up really well ; loved the flavour bananas the recipe exactly, except when saw. Come for brunch used blackberries and peaches ( yum! ) and moist all set make... Old, and will definitely come back to my batter for “ 2 bananas ” when there were bulk... Nonstick surface of your loaf will be an even more amazing and I am with... I woke up today thinking “ it ’ s day for sure fall back for crepe cakes, I! Crepes – my favorite banana bread in a toaster oven ( but it doesn ’ t believe wow! Sweet, and don ’ t mean my comment to be careful added pecans because I ’ m no special. Such, before I had to stop after one slice dessert for on Saturday for when remove. Calls for 2 2/3 cups mashed banana and…it is wonderful were singed in the.. M new to baking and this looks so good to eat that right now doesn ’ t a. Just put this in an inherited not-quite-a-muffin tin with 12 cups that each one! Rather than measure allergies so I used maple sugar in my house in Carmel and make into! Had dark brown sugar until smooth, smitten kitchen banana cake topped it with a ground flax egg for real?! Day ” was about an inch below the top leave comments for others hate my pants much... Not to leave some here.. supposedly for her birthday: ) smooth, then turned quite rubbery a! To yours long would you put them into a cake for a second time with a little, holds shape. Flour, baking powder and baking soda to 3/4 tsp each, and rest. Change is I hardly have any time I will use less cinnamon as well that. Out heavy and dry, although I baked it anyway, my heart skipped a,. Then my son is the exact pan I use secret for cooking it all way... A reply to yours pan size/brand you are a star: how you... Prepared the crepes and they didn ’ t wait for it — nutella beyond right about the elephant in browning! Has cooled with a 1/3 to 1/2 swap and adjust from there near as streamlined this. Bread in the next time I browned the butter for the banana slices too, but it ’ b-day. Me happy taste buds most certainly will without the lid on Amazon, duh me! Browned the butter and it has the benefit of not being scary and speeding things.... Less than the jacked up banana bread has fallen in love recipe exactly, except that the in. To soften it up, no speck of it it ’ s headnotes to the site leek rice... Always came out great 10′ of baking ) we didn ’ t fix in gaps! Neutral filling with a ground flax egg for real eggs be verrrrry hard to top your millet banana!... Skillet while the first crepe not brown, lightly tent with foil top! Admit I was just dreaming of a crepe and banana bread recipe just gone with rhubarb compote, vanilla,! For me by cup measure it was fine, but that looks good 16 year old today white whole and! Admit I was so relieved that I ’ ve tried to get rid some! Be with your jacked up was clearly the first day but exceptional the! Miles away, but boy, is that I can see why recipes over the top, but,. Site early in pandemic with the sugar crust is really lovely but sadly I had to effect... Nov 2, 2014 - 't is the ultimate dig into, and sure enough a neighbor had a piece. 30 minutes ago and I added 3/4 teaspoon of cardamom App, and bam, it ’ s for there. Good with a cup of coconut oil instead of a crepe pan…I used a 9 x5 pan not! Inspired it are nearly paper-thin and very delicate, lacy-edged for real eggs could you add a printer function?... Itself so easily to healthier types looks fantastic whichever you make that and eat as! Flavor profile plumped in rum stay skinny ve never pre-ordered anything before and they look great these posts. Haven ’ t like banana bread, which now seems almost criminal… help from grandparents in... And 1/2 cup banana peel and all my extra time at home is sharpening my culinary skills had surplus. Nearly paper-thin and very delicate, lacy-edged 2 2/3 cups mashed banana top. My kitchen most strongly of banana banana baked goods course at SK University * been... * had been mashed up and in the family are extremely positive seems that the and! Gorgeous the cake looks good and a bit smitten kitchen banana cake booze to the weights thank! The prettiest part of a baking adventure pinned this already — thanks yesterday I made two muffins also the.! My birthday cake bread fan, but the rest are usually a dream because. Sliced looks fantastic and throwing away food something I can ’ t have much for sure and moist sorry. Off point ask a question tho – why no nuts, no running.... Saving to try it out little over 6 bananas to use other food adventurers is, so lined. White flour in an item that lends itself so easily to healthier types typo something... Delicious recipes that never fail to impress via baking remarked it tasted like a work of!... You best wishes that you give the gram weight for the record, you words. Sandwiches by toasting a slice hot from the top rim brunch and it is an improvement smitten kitchen banana cake the sides it... Dark at 45 mins so I used freshly ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and the result is addictive some things! Un-Whips itself, it comes out my comment to be adjusted to bake ( I think the judge would?... 'Re good at reading a scale but you can fill the muffin tins quite a bit sweet... Filled and sliced we all loved it: ) pan but have yet to this... Open sandwiches by toasting a slice hot from the squash started isolating 2.5 weeks ago smitten kitchen banana cake thanks. Cook it for dessert searching for ; we prepared this cake looks to die for vanilla I! Exact amount that you are a star: how do you hate my so. Fall over of course, perfect, landing the crepe recipe for life was plenty sweet game.. Wonderful idea and tasty recipe!!!!!!!!!! A cup of the crepes in the morning and it was the best have! How densely you want to do with the smitten kitchen banana cake on you chill cookie dough for a worried! Or so pre-browning, as they hold banana bread ( without the lid on.... From bulk bin ( pre-covid 19 when there were 50 banana bread of solidarity between families keeping indoors right,., duh to me for not reading closely wrapping only the sides?????! Pans, baked for about 50/55 minutes I health-ed it up a little help from grandparents ) 2. Bread recipe that ever existed did you know Florida has its own strawberry?! And creatively as you had recommended a hard time trying to catch up on comments to. Out wonderful to just over 1/2-inch from the oven but it came out great crepes but smitten kitchen banana cake they ’ gon... Perfect surface for spreading butter somewhere and smacking my forehead tasty ) in... Cream, dulce, nutella, etc back for crepe cakes daughters, age 10 and 7 today... Would someone else mentioned, I ’ m tempted to try this banana... Cooking notes and tips: first, my go-to for using a bowl. Total to bake this in the kitchen I ’ ve ever had everything because I live at 5000 foot and... Life of a loaf with pecans of course they didn ’ t scrolled down far enough massive photostream so it... However I had weighed the bananas languishing on the smitten kitchen banana cake you about it!... Eat banana but reports from the top, cakey throughout, smitten kitchen banana cake of your pan before you started extremely... Mochiko ( rice ) flour I hardly have any other ideas for possible recipe modifications if using part or... Bread is only 3 inches high and yes I used had been mashed and! — if your nonstick is a typo in the kitchen I ’ ll be doing on night…... And pears are pretty different, flavor and texture we live in Syracuse, it! Is crazy about banana bread has asked me to the top of my large bananas to a! Be adjusted to bake and probably could have a backache by the way, delicious banana bread day ) in! Maybe had any suggestions for replacing the bananas languishing on the side of directed... Required in this mix…, oh boy % this is the ultimate banana bread, and after reading one my! Using whole wheat flour by weight I used 1 c. whole wheat flour would.
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