From $ 4.50. White flowers in summer are followed by black berries. Pots and planters delivered to urban North Island addresses. Wide selection of Blue Flower Seeds. Buy Now. & P. M. Peterson. Found throughout coastal New Zealand in marshlands and estuaries … Read More », Astelia nivicola ' Red Devil ' is an evergreen NZ native with arching sword like red & silvery foliage. Learn More. At Plant and Pot NZ we love modern indoor plants - buy online for delivery in Auckland. Soft feathery green plumes appear in summer, maturing into stiff wheat-coloured spikes which last into winter. 80% of our trees, ferns and flowering plants are endemic (found only in New Zealand). There Are Grasses And Strappy Plant Varieties Available At The Plant Store. ... * 13 of the best NZ native ground cover plants Gibbs Russell, L. W., M. Koekermoer, L. Smook, N. P. Barker, H. M. Anderson & M. J. Dallwitz. [7] [8] [9] The genus Poa includes both annual and perennial species. A fire broke out on a conveyor belt suspended over as much as 1000 tonnes of sulphur in a storage shed at the plant. So what is blue eyed grass and is it a suitable plant for the garden? From $ 4.50. Apodasmia similis joint rush/oïoï 60 cm – 1 m A rush-like plant 60 cm to 1 m tall with grey or yellowish green leaves. Send your photos, videos and tip-offs to, or call us on 0800 697 8833 They're unusual plants with whorls of blue-grey leaves that are topped by lime-green flowers which are not dissimilar to Shrek's ears. But, you can also plant grass seed in the early spring in a cool-season lawn. Free Shipping on Orders $250 or more - Widest Range in NZ - Garden Design, Calamagrostis x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster', Agapanthus Blue Dot is a evergreen plant that has light blue flowers which bloom in Summer. & A. M. Antón. The most famous of all Heliconias. Poa are members of the subfamily Pooideae of the family Poaceae. ... Auckland Closes in 42 mins. Buy Now. The two forms most frequently seen are the bright orange and blue flowered ‘common’ Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae, and the giant white form, Strelitzia nicolai.The latter resembling nothing more than a very large banana tree growing to 6m or more. ... Blue Passion Flower Passiflora caerulea. Stunning as a feature plant or for massed planting. Wageningen Agricultural University Papers 92–1(2): 1–557, Cabi, E. & M. Doğan. Requires good drainage. Shop now. If online ordering and payment is not possible, let us know what plants you are looking for and we will start a wishlist for you. Slow growing but tough and fire-resistant Grass-Trees are gradually becoming popular in New Zealand. Bluegrasses are found in temperate and tropical climates worldwide, and several have naturalized in areas outside their native range. It is 30 to 100 cm (12 to 40 inches) tall, with soft, blue-green leaves; its creeping rootstalks form a good sod. Liriope muscari is a species of low, herbaceous flowering plants from East Asia.Common names in English include big blue lilyturf, lilyturf, border grass, and monkey grass.It is a perennial with grass-like evergreen foliage and lilac-purple flowers which produce single-seeded berries on a spike in the fall. One of the best and most colorful of all Blue Fescue varieties, Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' is a wonderful dwarf ornamental grass, mostly grown for its superb, evergreen, bright silver-blue foliage. Plant it at the base of clematis as an easy-care groundcover. It is not the first time the Ravesndown plant in Napier has caught fire. This pasture plant could reduce greenhouse gas emissions on NZ farms. In the 1840s, red and copper tussock (C. rubra) dominated about 23% of the grasslands.Today, red tussocks grow on the North Island’s volcanic mountains (mostly on conservation land). Our range includes New Zealand natives, specimen trees, landscape shrubs, specialist forestry species, fruit trees and plenty more. Tribo Poeae, in Fl. Purchase your desired plants online through the garden centre or plant nursery’s website. The gardener looking for a substitute for iris or other bulb flowers should explore the blue-eyed grass plant (Sisyrinchium spp.). Prefers full sun average conditions. Carex testacea. Negritto, M. A. This plant is clumping and can get 4 to 16 inches (10-40 cm.) Artillery Plant Lamium galeobdolon 'Variegatum' Also known as aluminium plant, Galeobdolon luteum. ACCESSORIES. If ordered before Christmas for the following year there is a price discount, and a discount also applies to those who send their own seed. Contact us afterwards to let us know you’ve made an order that is ready for pickup and delivery. Sold Out. 690–756. Out of Stock. Plant out banks, borders, narrow gardens, driveways and berms. Looks good planted with the other coloured grasses and flaxes. Has delicate seed heads. Foliage is especially appealing. Kiwigrass is the home of New Zealand’s Bluegrass, where all purveyors and lovers of bluegrass assemble once a year to share their mutual love of the music born in the hills of Kentucky, and now spread all around the world. $499.00. Visit Us. Highly drought tolerant, it requires only 1.5 in. Türkiye Bitkileri Listesi. We begin with the Bird of Paradise, a popular exotic plant in northern New Zealand. Weeds controlled include prickles, moss, onehunga weed, hydrocotyle, broadleaf weeds, clover and more. Very hardy. Most grasses are sun-lovers so in very shaded areas it may be better to select another ground cover. Buy Now. 1 … Dwarf Toe Toe. Blue dot has dark green foliage at the base before the stems grow with the vibrant colours of flowers. Plant beside landscape boulders, in rock gardens or at the edges of natural pools. Locally Grown Blue Grass offers a wide range of plants, shrubs, and trees that have been grown locally in our nursery and are native to Alberta’s growing conditions, giving you a selection of hardy plants that can handle anything Mother Nature throws at them. Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) is the most extensively used cool-season grass used in lawns, sports fields, and golf courses in the United States. Lawrence Gullery 11:19, Nov 17 ... A study on a plant growing in a paddock of … Rio Grande do Sul. Enter your email address to receive a notification when this product is in stock again. Long-lived, Bouteloua dactyloides (Buffalo Grass) is a warm season perennial grass noted for its soft, gray-green to blue-green curly leaves and compact seed heads. 1.5m : 8: 20.00: Heliconia spissa (NEW) Shaggy split foliage, velvety pink & cream flowers. Makura Sedge. Caring for blue fescue ornamental grass isn’t difficult. Partner it with New Zealand flax and enjoy the distinct textures of both plants' straplike leaves. Featured Products. Blue Grass has an incredible selection of landscaping and gardening products for your next outdoor project. Gets to a height of 1.5m … Read More », Popular landscaping native reed Oioi with fine grey-green leaves with brownish bracts at the joints. Crocosmia: Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora. In summer pretty stems of pure white flowers sit above the leaves. Ordering rose plants online. The leaves are narrow, folded or flat, sometimes bristled, and with the basal sheath flattened or sometimes thickened, with a blunt or hooded apex and membranaceous ligule. These very popular grasses and tussocks include: Red Tussock (Chionochloa Rubra), Silver tussock (Poa Cita), Golden Tussock (Carex Testacea), Dwarf Toe Toe (Chionochloa Flavicans), Wind Grass (Anemanthle lessoniana). Forms a tidy clump. A nice contrast to Scleranthus, the NZ Moss. Low growing grass like plant with attractive weeping flower plumes on short stems. $499.00. ... Blue Passion Flower Passiflora caerulea. Grows naturally in salt marshes or wet dunes, but happiest in a moist soil. It is invasive to North America and considered a threat to native wildlife. Revisión de las especies de, Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, "Oakmont-inspired Stimpmeter allows USGA to accurately measure speed, consistency of putting surfaces", "Annual Bluegrass Management Guidelines--UC IPM", "The Herball or Generall Historie Of Plantes",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Taxonbars using multiple manual Wikidata items, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 December 2020, at 16:42. There is a native grass or tussock to suit every situation. Likes a spot in the full sun and free draining soil. Firefighters feared a possible explosion while battling the fire on 1 December 2016. Call Us. Buy Agapanthus, Carex , Lomandra And More Such Varieties Online Now. Better known in their native Australia as Blackboys or Grass-Trees. Good landscape species in NZ. Very wind tolerant. 1990. Johns attachment to Lucerne as a special crop, which has a blue tinge as the crop matures, and the world renown grass known as ‘blue grass’ in the state of Kentucky for its high-quality horse feed. Guinea Grass Megathyrsus maxiumus var. AJ Lee and Blue Summit look mighty sharp in their Kiwigrass T-shirts. Good for edges or borders. 2012. A popular cultivar grass with pale green leaves distinctly curling at the tips. Mass plant for effect, especially to fill out banks and dry spots. Plant out banks, borders, narrow gardens, driveways and berms. Tidy clump former and also tough & hardy. Blue fescue grass needs average moisture, and will require supplemental water in summer. The plant height can get upto 1.5m in height. … Read More », A semi-dwarf form of Agapanthus that has quite broad strap-like foliage in fresh green. 50 x 40cm … Read More », A miniature variety of Agapanthus. Stock photography of blue colored flowers and plants, such as blue iris, blue orchids, hyacinths, shrubs, hydrangeas, perennials, columbine, morning glory vines, forget-me-nots, groundcovers such as Ceratostigma, lobelia, campanula, mertensia, and much more. Some of the Poa species are popular for gardens and for landscaping in New Zealand. … Read More ». Most are monoecious, but a few are dioecious (separate male and female plants). [10][11][12], Many of the species are important pasture plants, used extensively by grazing livestock. A top landscaping plant. 4 Growing Spectrum Plant Catalogue • Fairy Magnolia Blush. If you have any questions, we are only an email or phone call away. [7][8][9], The genus Poa includes both annual and perennial species. About One Sided Blue Grass (Poa secunda) 11 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Poa secunda (variously known by the common names of Sandberg bluegrass, alkali bluegrass, big bluegrass, Canby's bluegrass, Nevada bluegrass, one-sided bluegrass, Pacific bluegrass, pine blugrass, slender bluegrass, wild bluegrass, and curly bluegrass. ) Hardy. The other family of grassy plants is the Xanthorrhoea genus. New Zealand also has a great many trees, shrubs, and herbs from plant families that are utterly new and unfamiliar to me. 2000. If you have not already verified your email address you will receive a verification email to the address entered which must be actioned in order for the notifications to start. Shop Today! Blue Grass became involved in the agriculture industry in the early 2000 because of love of Cultivation and Lucerne. We supply healthy, hardy plants to retail and wholesale customers across New Zealand. Eco friendly in most areas. Mid-green foliage form a neat clump from spring onwards, multiple stems pop up with sky-blue like flowers. On the one hand, it is exhilarating to discover new plants and new plant … Easy care, suits a container or looks great in the garden planted in amongst the shrubbery. Black Mondo 8x PB2 edge plant ground cover edge plant $60.00. Also known as common passion flower. Ilust. The medium sized clump of narrow, rolled, reddish brown leaves have slight curls at the tips th … Read More », New Zealand native. The plant may die back if the soils are too heavy and full of clay, so amend the area prior to planting with plenty of compost. There are currently no items in your cart. No minimum number required. Free shipping Quick view Waikato Closing on Saturday, 5 Dec. Particularly beautiful planted in masses and paired with blue-gray Mediterranean plants. Attractive flowing, drooping foliage. In NZ, a tub or courtyard plant, bring inside for winter. New Zealand coastal sand dune plants Planting season for dune plants is roughly (depending on which coast) April to October, dune plants can be ordered to secure numbers before planting commences. Memoirs of the Botanical Survey of South Africa 58: i–ix,. NZ Native species. Eco friendly and very hardy. Blue Grass doesn’t just take care of plants. Last minute find on a Sat night in Auckland. Carex 8 x PB2 red flagellifera sedge tussock 5cm NZ Native $56.00. Yates lawn weed control products are ‘selective’ - in other words they have been developed to target and kill certain weeds, but not the grass on your lawn! All rights reserved. Contact Blue Grass. In 2016, firefighters had to battle a blaze which also involved sulphur. It is a popular lawn and pasture grass and is common in open areas and along roadsides. Connect With Us. pubiglumis. Shop now. Bluegrass, (genus Poa), in botany, the largest genus in the grass family (Poaceae), comprising more than 500 species. The long-awaited $27.1 million wastewater treatment plant in Kerikeri has been completed and was blessed during a dawn ceremony on Friday. Some particular varieties have risen to superstar status in the landscaping world, for a good reason. The narrow, moss-green leaves have slender ivory stripes along the edges. Most form a short trunk topped by an almost spherical head of leaves. Extremely frost tolerant. … Read More », Highly recommended, compact selection with intense deep blue indigo flowers. There’s a little bit of magic in creating an outdoor oasis. [3][4][5][6], Bluegrass, which has green leaves, derives its name from the seed heads, which are blue when the plant is allowed to grow to its natural height of two to three feet (0.6 to 0.9 meters). Popular landscaping plants for texture and movement, these grasses look great en masse. Will not flower outdoors in NZ. Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanik Bahçesi ve Flora Araştırmaları Derneği Yayını, Istanbul. If you’re seeking robust, affordable ornamental grasses for your landscape or garden, turn to Greenwood Nursery. Poa is a genus of about 500 species of grasses, native to the temperate regions of both hemispheres.Common names include meadow-grass (mainly in Europe and Asia), bluegrass (mainly in North America), tussock (some New Zealand species), and speargrass. Blue Oat Grass is at home in desert gardens as well as in the traditional perennial border. Hardy sun/shade outdoors. Millions of products all with free shipping New Zealand wide. Graminées du Cameroun. A dense, smaller tussock with attractive blue/grey foliage. 30 - 60 cm Baumea rubiginosa New Zealand sedge, twig rush ... New Zealand Grass/Sedge $ 4.50. Very tough and tolerant of extremes. BlueGrass Contracting Ltd.. is a small family business; Brook, John and Sally started in the late 1990’s with an innovative method to cultivate land for the forestry industry. Sold Out. We are blue hydrangea territory, being acidic in soils. Also known as common passion flower. This trouble-free groundcover is loved by gardeners, landscapers and anyone that needs a low maintenance plant, that maintains attractive form, great colour and is drought, wind and frost hardy. Densely tufted, the foliage of finely-textured, blade-like needles forms a neat mound topped by upright flower plumes in summer. Crocosmia: Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora. It will grow in sun or semi shade and prefers a rich soil. Pre-sale - Monstera Thai Constellation - Dispatch 2nd February 2021. The foliage of this plant darkens during winter and then lightens as the temperature increases.  … Read More », This is a native from the Chatham Islands. In the garden we grow blue asters with a similar flower but in long grass, the simplicity of the chicory is more fitting. … Read More », A slow-growing dwarf selection with beautifully variegated foliage. Pre-sale - Monstera Thai Constellation - Dispatch 18th/19th January 2021. At first, the vision is hazy, a mirage of what might be. Wanaka's walk in jungle - The Green Room Plant Collective specialises in healthy indoor plants and stocks beautiful plant accessories such as pots + saucers, handmade ceramics, macrame hangers, woven baskets, plant care tools & sprays plus a lovely range of botanical gifts and fresh flowers daily. About 10–15% of the total land area of New Zealand is covered with native flora, from tall kauri and kohekohe forests to rainforest dominated by rimu, beech, tawa, matai and rata; ferns and flax; dunelands with their spinifex and pingao; alpine and subalpine herb fields; and scrub and tussock. Vigorous grass, forming large clumps 0.6 -1.2 m tall. Blue-eyed grass complements a host of perennials. Carex testacea. Forms a large dense erect clump which slowly creeps. tall and equally wide. Buy Now. We take care of you, the grower, the caretaker, the steward of all things natural. 2012. There were a number of exceptions like that among New Zealand's native vegetation, especially the shrubs and trees. Out of Stock. This plant is very hardy and very low maintenance, it is ideal if you are after a lovely evergreen … Read More », Arguably the best dwarf white agapanthus with masses of pure white over a long summer period. Although it looks like a grass, fiber optic grass is an evergreen species in the sedge family. Catalogue of organically grown subtropical edible plants ideal for the home orchardist wanting a year round supply of exotic, delicious fruit. Evergreen. With regular summer rain and mild, humid conditions, the blocks of blue flowered hydrangeas tend to mean we take this plant for granted. 80cm x 1m. Avoid disappointment. photo – Ian Fisk. Flowers from early summer to autumn, Grows to a height of 35-40 cm and up to 45cm wide. Also known … Perennial Ornamental Grasses for Sale Online - Greenwood Nursery. NZ Blue Fescue - Description, Photos, Uses, Best Growing Condition for this plant Blue-eyed grass also pairs well with all types of roses; both plants … Shop & Deliver. A hardy and attractive grass. Ophiopogon japonicus Green Mondo Grass. Our Policy | Products | Notifications | Contact Us, © Copyright 2020 The Plant Store. The dasylirions form a genus of 18 species, all from the desert areas of southern USA and Mexico, where they are known as Sotol or Bear Grass. Bluegrass, which has green leaves, derives its name from the seed heads, which are blue when the plant is allowed to grow to its natural height of two to three feet (0.6 to 0.9 meters). Blue Fescue Festuca ovina glauca. Start by choosing a grass that is suitable for your climate and conditions. To buy our heritage rose plants … Blue Spur Flower ... Also known as salt grass, S. alterniflora, S. anglica, S. x townsendii, cord grass… ... the plant has large or prominent tufts of leaves at the base of the flowering stem [14], According to second-century physician Galen, the roots of certain species are good for treating fresh wounds and bleeding. Tropical Plants, Seeds, Workshops, Webinars, Decor, Christmas Trees and More! These architectural plants are extremely drought tolerant. In A. Güner, S. Aslan, T. Ekim, M. Vural & M. T. Babaç (eds.) Excellent cut flower and ideal for widespread plantings. Tall tussocks. Its equally attractive medium blue flowers occur when growing conditions are favorable, particularly from late-sp … Read More », A graceful grass with orange tonings. Christmas at Blue Grass. Be inspired, visit us today. The plants in this category are all of the other gorgeous treasures I have in my nursery. Sold Out. Prefers a sunny, moist but well-drained place in … In the sixteenth century, Poa grasses were used to treat inflammation of the kidney.[15]. is a great reference tool as well as an online store, there’s sure to be something to get you growing! … Read More », This attractive NZ native perennial grass has upright, rather stiff, tufted appearance that lends itself well to architectural designs within the garden. (3 cm) of rain per month to remain green. 1.5m : 8 : $20.00 : Image #2 (Formerly known as Michelias, they are undergoing a name change to include all Michelia under the genus of Magnolia) Highly Forms a neat clump of short broad leaves. Hardy. Carex secta. Find the perfect Christmas Tree, register for our Christmas themed workshops, or visit our Christmas Market! Lowest prices guaranteed. I will be adding to these as time goes on because I believe perennials are true treasures and small nurseries are disappearing at an alarming rate, making many of these plants hard to find. New Zealand Grass/Sedge. This is an excellent border or groundcover plant and works well as a clumping plant for the rock garden. A real jaw dropper when used as a border. … Read More », A hardy evergreen plant that has appeal all year round. Lepidoptera whose caterpillars feed on Poa include: genus of flowering plants in the grass family Poaceae, Soreng, R. J. The foliage turns straw-colored from fall to spring when the plant is dormant. Poa[2] is a genus of about 500 species of grasses, native to the temperate regions of both hemispheres. Poa is Greek for "fodder". Canada bluegrass (P. compressa), originally native to Europe, is a wiry plant with flat stems, similar to Kentucky bluegrass in appearance and use. Crocosmia is a member of the Iris Family native to grasslands of southern and eastern Africa. Poa (πόα) is Greek for "fodder". All the stats, form and information about race horse - Blue Grass (NZ) (NZ) available at RACING.COM – The first destination for Australian Horse Racing. Cope … Read More », Agapanthus Silver Baby is a bright compact agapanthus which produces a lengthy display from early summer of silvery-whote flowers with subtle ice blue tips. Cultivated strains have been developed for lawns and pasture, and these may escape. We have been providing seed to New Zealand gardeners for 30years. … Read More », Lovely compact and unique variety, bearing a long succession of dense flower heads with soft lilac blue flowers later in summer than other agapanthus. Shop now. A handsome tufted grass with erect silver-blue leaves. 30cm x 40cm. Artillery Plant Lamium galeobdolon 'Variegatum' Also known as aluminium plant, Galeobdolon luteum. The name BlueGrass was born for our business in 1997 because of our involvement with Blue Gum trees,. The strong orange colouring makes this a very popular choice. Powered by Flatout CMS v5, Selected Plants - Price Drop - While Stocks Last. Added to the Tesselaar range, ‘Fairy Magnolia Blush’ is being marketed internationally and doing extremely well. Effective in group plantings or in containers and pots. Grows to H 40cm x W 40cm … Read More », Small grass with arching green foliage. When grass seed is planted in late summer or early fall, the ground has still retained enough warmth for the grass seed to germinate quickly. But when you come to Blue Grass, the shape of your vision becomes clearer. Great for edge of borders or grouped as a ground cover. Flowers a light blue over the Summer months. If you have any questions … Read More », This upright grass remains attractive for months on end. Poa are members of the subfamily Pooideae of the family Poaceae. Kentucky blue grass is widely distributed across North America, and occurs in a wide variety of habitats. [13] Annual bluegrass (Poa annua) can sometimes be considered a weed. Our crocosmia is a hybrid that has become mildly invasive in temperate coastal environments. Often found growing in wet places or peaty areas near the sea, fiber optic grass is native to western and southern Europe, British Isles, North Africa, the west coast of North America, Australia, and New Zealand. Produces glistening straw-coloured flowers on long stems during summer. Boletim do Instituto de Biociências, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul 41: 1–191, Zon, A. P. M. v. 1992. Plant Care; PLANTS. Deciduous. Blue Grass Beauty from online store. Many species are useful as lawn, pasture, and A very hardy grass like perennial with deep green foliage and deep purple flower spikes rising from the centre of each clump. Last orders before Christmas : Friday 11th Dec 2020 Reopening : Monday 4th Jan 2021. The tall (up to 1.5 metres) tussock grasslands are dominated by Chionochloa – a genus that is largely endemic (found only in New Zealand).. Red and copper tussocks. Details A. lessoniana is an elegant clump-forming grass with narrow arching leaves, becoming tinged with red or orange in summer and autumn, and airy arching sprays of red-brown flowers in late summer Plant range New Zealand ... Blue Oat Grass $ 12.50. Claim your free 50GB now Plant Catalogue Gardening Solutionz™ has a unique approach helping you to find the right plants for your garden. The broad flax like leaves have a silvery sheen. MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Poaceae. Take a look at the entire range and options. Planting & Growing How to plant and care for succulents Succulents come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes, will grow just about anywhere and don’t need much looking after, making them a plant that’s perfect for even the most novice gardener. 50 x 40cm … Read More », A dwarf Agapanthus that looks fabulous in any garden. The second clip I was trying to show off the dude's wash board drum kit. Tolerant of sun or semi-shade and just about any soil. 40 x 40cm. Whether you are looking for large or small, green or bronze, wet or dry tolerant, because NZ grasses and tussocks grow everywhere there will definitely be something for you. Grasses of Southern Africa. A lawn can be easy to care for but, remember it’s made up of living plants and, like all living things, they have needs that must be taken care of. Then the young seedlings have enough time with the upcoming cool season to become firmly established before the first lawn mowing. Height 50cm Width 50cm If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contacting us. Gramineae. As NZ Post delivery times become unreliable around Christmas, we shutdown a couple of week early. Common names include meadow-grass (mainly in Europe and Asia), bluegrass (mainly in North America), tussock (some New Zealand species), and speargrass. POTS + PLANTERS. Revision of, Longhi-Wagner, H. M. 1987. Looks best when planted in large drifts. blue grass plant Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads.
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